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The Internet Movie Database (U.S.)
The Internet Movie Database (U.K.)

The be-all and end-all of film sites!
great starting point (and often, the ending point) for finding out about that film with whats-his-name and the other one who was in that film with the dog. Classic Movies
An site, which means lots and lots (and lots and lots) of good links on all kinds of classic flicks, all administered by fellow private eye genre fellow traveller Brad Lang, who also does the Hardboiled Heaven web site, and wrote the Crockett P.I. series. Of particular interest are his Top 200 Films and his Film Noir Page. He's also compiled a list of his Ten Favorite Detective, Hardboiled and Noir Films right here, on this site.

Cinemarquee's Mystery Lounge
Part of an extensive site dedicated to all aspects of film, from genres to film financing and screenwriting resources.

SOLID! The Blaxploitation Journal
According to the intro, the ultimate goal of SOLID! is the "publication of a complete guide to psychotronic black film & street literature from the 60s to now." Webmeister Mark Weddington is always looking for interviews, original articles, photos/posters/ad mats, publishing offers, videos, reference books, out-of-print paperbacks and any additional info pertaining to black film and African-American pulp fiction. SOLID's shares a "black street fiction" section with Crime City, all part of the giant Cathouse 2000 site. Can you dig it?

Chicago Sun-Times Online: Roger Ebert
Yeah, sometimes the TV show got pretty hokey, but Ebert and Siskel (and now Roeper) were pretty sharp at this film critic dodge. And Ebert know his stuff. In fact, any guy who says "Movies about private eyes have always been among my favorites" is jake with me.

Film Noir

The Dark Pages
The world's only hard-copy newsletter devoted to all things film noir. Edited by Karen Burroughs Hannsberry, each eight-page, bi-monthly blast of bleak contains movie reviews, biographies of featured performers, memorable quotes, guest essays, photos, contests, and more! It may be a bitter little world, but The Dark Pages makes it alittle easier to swallow.

der Film Noir de
German-language site well worth investigating, even if you can't read a lick of German. The artwork alone -- most of it unfamiliar to American eyes, even for well-known films -- is worth the click. Online since November 2010, this site offers reviews from 1922 till today. Our reviews give, giving an overview of the content, history, style and quality of the movies available on DVD and blu-ray on the European market. And site co-founder Matthias Merkelbach says he's "seriously working on an English version."

The Film Noir Foundation
A non-profit group created as an educational resource covering the "cultural, historical, and artistic significance of film noir as an original American cinematic movement." Think of it as a film noir rescue mission -- they're trying to find and preserve the films before they're gone for good, and to ensure that high quality prints remain for future generations.

Full-Text Articles and Essays on Film Noir
Invaluable resource, linking to numerous intelligent, provacative and intriguing pieces on the genre.

Film Noir and the Hard-Boiled Detective Hero
Everything you wanted to know about Spade, Marlowe and the other boys...

High Heels on Web Pavement
Michael Mills article on the femme fatale offers us a glimpse into the netherworld of sexual politics of film noir. Part of his amazing Modern Times.

No Place for a Woman: The Family in Film Noir
John Blaser offers further insights into women (and the concept of family) in noir.

The Genre With No Name
Joe Carducci's brave stab at defining what is noir, and we merely think is noir. my head's still reeling.

Film Noir Reader
Sprawling site devoted to the books of the same name, edited by Alain Silver, now up to three volumes, each chockfull of scholarly essays and articles on noir. Sample chapters are available for online reading, including Silver's own Introduction, Kiss Me Deadly: Evidence of a Style, wherein Silver deconstructs the aldrich's classic take on Spillane, and The Post-Noir P.I., Elizabeth Ward's intriguing look at post-noir P.I.'s, focussing on two post-noir classics from the seventies, Robert Altman's The Long Goodbye and Robert Culp and Walter Hill's Hickey and Boggs.

10 Shades of Noir
Images (A Journal of Film and popular Culture) takes a look at ten classic noirs. Well worth investigating.

Shades of Noir: Additional Choice Noirs
Brief capsule descriptions of 18 more classic noirs.

Film Noir Films
Part of Tim Dirks' wonderful FilmSite, contains a smart, literate essay and list of essential noirs. Tim clearly knows his stuff.

He Made Film Noir Sing
Article by Andrew Mangravite on the Miklos Rozsa, the man behind the music behind such noir classics as Double Indemnity, The Lost Weekend, The Killers, Brute Force, Kiss the Blood Off My Hands and The Asphalt Jungle.


Mafia Flix
A new source for crime-related movies, with a particular bent for gangster flicks. They have reviews, wallpapers, and a complete database of movies. Tell 'em Kevin sent ya...

The Mystery Movie Matinee
John Betancourt hosts an impressive site which serves as a welcome resource for hard-to-find classic mystery movies and TV shows, (including series mysteries like Torchy Blane based on the Frederick Nebel pulp characters, or Boston Blackie). The site also features message boards, TV schedules and an online videotape auction.

Captain Bijou
Scott Blair's site is another great source for grey-market area movies, tv and radio shows. It was created in order to offer movie buffs and collectors a single source for hard-to-find video cassettes, collectibles, and other nostalgia-related items not generally available through traditional or retail outlets. The good Captain operates exclusively as a mail order business , out of Alabama, and orders are accepted by phone, mail, e-mail, or fax. And they also offer "the world's most unique catalog."

Crime and Mystery Films
Part of Ronnie Cramer's extensive, amazing Cult Film Site. Perfect spot to find those long-lost treasures on video you just can't find anywhere else. Includes brief synopses, and other good stuff. WARNING: This site is addictive! They sell plenty of stuff you just can't find elsewhere. Among their offerings are such rarites as City Streets, Hammett's only screenplay, and The Case of the Babysitter. Also episodes of TV shows such as Bourbon Street Beat, Surfide Six and Martin Kane, Private Eye, among others.

The Scarlet Street Website
These guys offer videos, compact discs, and books, "everything a classic horror and mystery fan needs---except those bodies on display in the basement, but you've already got those, haven't you? Stop by and stock up..."

This company has a truly large collection of offbeat videos: foreign, silent, B-films, classic American, experimental, independent, fine name it, they probably have at least heard of it. They even offer rentals, by mail! And free e-mail updates and printed catalogues. Mine's on its way (allegedly)!

Video Vault
"'Guaranteed worst movies in town!' is the gleeful cry of this house of alternatives for the psychotronically inclined, but conservatives are also invited to peruse VV's fine compilation of American classics." So says Leonard Maltin of the Alexandria, Virginia-basedVideo Vault, yet another rent-by-mail place. Alas, they've run out of catalogues, and their web site is embarrassingly skimpy. Bummer. Especially since it sounds like they might have some totally great stuff.

Guide to Online and Mail Order Video Resources
A great list of links to various dealers in "independent, cult, nostalgia, hard-to-find, rare, vintage, collectibles and indie" videos.

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