Clement Skunk-Petersen

Created by Ole Comoll Christensen and Niels Søndergaard

CLEMENT SKUNK-PETERSEN ain't your average gumshoe -- he's a privatdetektiven -- the star of series of Danish graphic novels by Ole Comoll Christensen and Niels Søndergaard.

Clement made his debut in 1991 in Maj mysteriet (The Mayday Mystery), the first of what was billed as the "Dimensional Detective" series. The art, with its bold clear lines and simple, cartoonish style, may have have suggested it was for kids, but by most accounts it's a sharp, intelligent series that raises some interesting questions and makes some hard points about contemporary values and mores.

This intelligent but head-spinning series has Clement and his young female assistant Pippi slip-sliding between dimensions, in the alternative reality of a world where Hitler won the Second World War, much of Europe has joined the U.S. to form the United States of the Free World and it's the Communist Party, not the Social Democrats, who have been in power in Denmark since the 1920’s. But down those mean streets, between parallel dimensions and even back in time a man must go, to solve a murder -- even if it's his own.

Maj mysteriet earned writer Ole Comoll Christensen The Danish Comic Book Artists’ prize for Best Story, and its sequel Den anden præsident (The Second President) brought Christensen and artist Niels Søndergaard the prestigious Danish comics award "Ping".


  • Dimensionsdetektiven #1: Første Maj Mysteriet (1991)
  • Dimensionsdetektiven #2: Den anden præsident (1993)
  • Dimensionsdetektiven #3: Det tredje øje (1997)
  • Dimensionsdetektiven #4: Bunden af fjerde dimension ( 2010)

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. Thanks to Nils for the scoop.

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