Mavis Seidlitz

Created by Carter Brown (pseudonym of Alan Geoffrey Yates; 1923-85)

"Ravishingly beautiful" MAVIS SEIDLITZ is "the torrid blonde private eye who plays hard and fast with murder."

And it wasn't just the blurb writers who had fun with poor Mavis. One critic called her "a cross between Gracie Allen and Candy Christian (whose) pulchritudinous assets far outweigh her mental equipment."

Mavis popped up in a dozen or so novels by the ubitquious publishing sensation Carter Brown, who was also responsible for the adventures of private eyes Rick Holman and Danny Boyd, as wwell as over-boiled Al Wheeler, a homicide cop with the sheriff's department of Pine City, near Los Angeles. All in all, Brown must have written hundreds of slim, trashy paperbacks; raunchy, spicy little romps about as nutritious as potato chips, and just as hard to resist. His other pseudonyms include Peter Carter Brown, Peter Carter-Brown, Raymond Glenning, Sinclair MacKellar, Dennis Sinclair and Paul Valdez.


  • Honey, Here's Your Hearse (1955)
  • A Bullet For My Baby (1955)
  • Good Morning, Mavis (1957)
  • Murder Wears a Mantilla (1957)
  • The Loving and the Dead (1959)
  • None But the Lethal Heart (1959)
  • Tomorrow is Murder (1960)
  • Lament For a Lousy Lover (1960)
  • The Bump and Grind Murders (1964)
  • Seidlitz and the Super-Spy (1967)
  • Murder Is So Nostalgic (1972)
  • And the Undead Sing (1974)


    (1958, Horwtiz Publications)
    Written by Carter Brown
    Art by C.E. Drury

Short-lived series of Aussie comic books devoted to the works of Brown, promising "Sensational Full-Length Mysteries All in Pictures" and "Guys, Dolls, Guns and a Million Laughs," featuring series characters Mavis, Al Wheeler and, um, Carter Brown?

  • Issue #2 (1958)

"The Cutie Kidnapped," "Murder To Music," "The Corpse Cut In," "Diamonds To Kill," "Hi-Jack High Jinx!," "Ace High Honey," "Killer Bait"

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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