Pete Schofield

Created by Thomas B. Dewey (1915-81)

The thing about San Fernando Valley post-war private eye PETE SCHOFIELD and his "beautiful little redhead" wife Jeanne is that they're married--happily!

Well, more or less.

Trust me, in private detective fiction, particularly for those times, there weren't many happily married couples, save for Nick and Nora and their more obvious imitators. But married eyes whose wives weren't complete imbeciles or convenient victims in frequent need of rescue? You've got maybe Carney Wilde and Jim Bennett.

They may be lighter hearted in tone than his Mac novels, and may even verge on screwball at times, but Jeanne is nobody's bimbo. Not really.

The problem is that too often Pete treats her like one.

Granted, Jeannie is a little emotionally unstable -- always packing up and moving out at the slightest of trangressions on Pete's part, real or imagined, and it doesn't help that loyal hubby Pete displays all the maturity and trust of a perpetually horny frat boy.


  • And Where She Stops (1957). Buy this book
  • Go To Sleep, Jeannie (1959)
  • Too Hot For Hawaii (1960) . Buy this book
  • The Golden Hooligan (1961)
  • Go Honeylou (1962)
  • The Girl With The Sweet Plump Knees (1963)
  • The Girl in the Punchbowl (1964)
  • Only on Tuesdays (1964)
  • Nude in Nevada (1965)


A brief bio, taken from Brian Ritt's Paperback Confidential (2013).

J. Kingston Pierce's telling June 2014 take on Dewey, from Kirkus.

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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