Sammy Day and Jack Attaway
Created by Raoul Cauvin and Berck (Arthur Berckmans)

Sammy and Jack have a nice little chat with Jack's mom.

This popular, long-running and apparrently on-going, tongue-in-cheek Belgian BD (originally in French) chronicles the everyday life of two Chicago private investigators/bodyguards, big, cigar-chomping, machine gun-totoing JACK ATTAWAY and his small, smooth-talking pal., SAMMY DAY. Jack heads the agency and Sammy always refers to him as "Boss". Although Sammy and Jack sometimes do undercover work for the police (such as in "Rhum Row"), their main occupation is in protecting people.

And there are plenty of folks that need protection. It's the height of prohibition, and Chicago's a wide-open town, full of gangsters, corrupt cops and danger on every corner, it seems. But Sammy and Jack manage to have some big-shouldered fun.

The writer, Raoul Cauvin, is of the most prolific writers working in Belgian comics at the moment.

If you're in to this kind of stuff, check out Big Sleeping and Jack Palmer, two other humourous BDs from Europe featuring private eyes.



A big, belated thanks to Vesa Lehtinen for her help on this and several other pages. And a gros merci to Mark Treuthardt for his help here, aussi.

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