Simon Rose
Created by Max Geneve (pseudonym of Jean-Marie Geng; 1945--)

An intriguing new French P.I. from Paris, SIMON ROSE, is not, in several aspects, your typical hard-boiled private investigator. His cases sometimes seem to arrive almost by accident; he's not particularly proficient with guns or his fists and he lives with his mother in Paris. He drives a convertible he calls Bèatrice and he's prone to frequent naps and prolonged daydreaming. Although he does manage to snap awake when murder -- or nice young women -- are involved. A good-looking man, suffice it to say that he enjoys an active sex life

There isn't much info about Max Geneve. According to his photo on the rear cover he can't be much more than thirty, although other info suggests he was actually born Jean-Marie Geng in Geneva in 1945. Le tueur du cinq du mois (1997) was printed in the much appreciated Série Noire. I have a feeling that we haven't seen the last of Simon Rose and his adventues.


  • Autopsie d'un biographe (1995)
  • TEA (1997)
  • Le tueur du cinq du mois (1997)
  • Tigresses (1999)
  • Meutres païens (2oo1)
  • Noir Goncourt (2010)


Respectfully submitted by Marcel Bernadac (December 1998), with additional updates by Kevin Burton Smith

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