Regan Reilly
Created by Carol Higgins Clark

REGAN REILLY, daughter of famous, triple-named mystery writer Nora Regan Reilly (guess who?) is no stranger to high society, having grown up with private schools and European jaunts. She's also one private eye who gets around, her cases taking her to Oxford, Miami Beach and Aspen. But she seems to be able to handle herself in all types of situations, in all sorts of places, without too much difficulty, due to her "natural-born pluck".

As Lou Grant would say, "I hate pluck!"

But hey, lots of people seem to like this series, so who am I to cast the first sneer? Regan's continued to roam the world, cracking cases with aplomb and the afore-mentioned pluck, while being courted -- off and on -- by handsome, hunky Jack Reilly (no relation) of the NYPD Major Case Squad. Regan and Jack eventually tie the knot in the appropriately titled Hitched (2006).

Oh, and if the author's name sounds vaguely familiar, for all you tough guys out there, her mom is the triple-named Mary Higgins Clark, master of the domestic crime novel, and the namesake of the fondly remembered Mary Higgins Clark Mystery Magazine. And lately, mother and daughter have been collaborating on a series of holiday-themed mysteries that feature various characters of mom's as well as, occasionally, Regan's.




Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. And a special thanks to Cathleen Keyser for the heads-up.

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