Nick Ransom
Created by Robert Leslie Bellem (1902-1968)

What kind of P.I. gets knocked unconscious by a man with no legs and only one arm? Hollywood stuntman turned private eye NICK RANSOM was one of Robert Leslie Bellem's "other" eyes. He carried his roscoe under his arm, and has a plastic cigarette holder with silver filigree that a client once gave him. He only uses it on occasion to impress potential clients (or to save his life) because he prefers his poison straight. He gets a little help from his buddy, Ole Brunvig, on the homicide squad who is one mean cop.

Of course, Bellem is best known for Dan Turner, he of the sneezing roscoe. The Ransom stories are more subdued (they would almost have to be) would than the Turner stories, although some of that ol' Turner charm starts to pop up. With over 3000 pulp stories to his credit, it's no surprise Bellem created a few non-Turner P.I.s. Others included Cliff Downey and Duke Pizzatello.

Ransom himself only appeared in a few short stories in Thrilling Detective magazine, but he lived in in a dramatic production by New York's old school theatre, an Off-Off Broadway theatre company, adapted from one of Bellem's short stories, and starring Matt Wagner (pictured) as Nick.






Joint report respectfully submitted byKevin Burton Smith and Dale Stoyer.

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