Jess Randolph

Created by Margaret Lucke

JESS RANDOLPH is a San Francisco artist now working as a P.I. who has appeared in a couple of short stories, several mini-mysteries for Salon Magazine's website, and the Anthony-nominated novel A Relative Stranger (1991), in which her client is her own long-lost father.

Aiding and abetting her in her cases is San Francisco Homicide Inspector Nick Gardino, who she goes to pains to explain is a friend, but not one of those friends "who shared typical Sunday morning activities -- going to church, working the crossword puzzle together over coffee or snuggling under the covers." Me thinks the lady doth protest too much...

A Relative Stranger was supposed to be the first in a series of novels, but its sequel, Snow Angel, concerning Jess' search for a missing child, only appeared in 2017. Lucke has also published two writing books, Schaum's Quick Guide to Writing Great Short Stories (1998) and Writing Mysteries (1999).



  • "Identity Crisis" (1996, Lethal Ladies)
  • "An Artful Murder" (March 28, 1997, Salon Magazine Web Site)
  • "For the Love of Venus" (April 25, 1997, Salon Magazine Web Site)
  • "Where There's A Will..." (June 13, 1997, Salon Magazine Web Site)
  • "House of Cards" (August 1, 1997, Salon Magazine Web Site)
  • "Dreaming of Dragons" (1998, Lethal Ladies II)

Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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