A Long Time Running
Twenty Years and Counting...
True Confessions by Kevin Burton Smith

Across These Mean Wires:
A Twenty-Year Retrospective
& a Long Overdue Thank-You Note

Essay by Victoria Esposito

Resurrecting Rafferty:
It's a Family Affair

Essay by Bill Duncan

Another One Rides the Bus:
Thrilling Detective, Jackson Donne and Me

Essay by Dave White


So Long, Jimbo:
James Garner 1928-2014
by Kevin Burton Smith

Remembering Rockford
James Garner 1928-2014
A Tribute by Craig McDonald

Raymond Chandler Was An Asshole
by Stephen Blackmoore

Looking for Robert B. Parker
A Fond Farewell to the Man Who Saved P.I. Fiction

by Cameron Hughes

Dennis Lynds, 1924-2005:
The Mystery Community Pays Their Respects...

An Officer's Final Salute: R.I.P. Ed McBain
by Jim Doherty

Mickey Spillane: This Time It's Personal
by Max Allan Collins

Arthur Lyons: Lyons Ends His Roar
by J. Kingston Pierce

Talking 'bout Ernest Tidyman: Can You Dig it?
A Son Remembers


Dan Fortune Has His Say
Michael Collins' Outspoken Private Eye Speaks Out


Forgotten Hammett
A Long-Lost Interview
Unearthed by Ben Solomon

Heavier Than Broken Hearts:
The 2013 Raymond Chandler Interview
Conducted by Ben Solomon

The Shrink-Wrapped P.I.
The Richard Helms Interview
Conducted by Jack Bludis

Burning Down the House:
The John Lutz Interview
Conducted by Kevin Burton Smith

Hard-Boiled Poet: The Reed Farrel Coleman Interview
Conducted by Jack Bludis

Where'd He Go?
The Rob Kantner Interview
Conducted by Kevin Burton Smith

The Adventures of Harry Nile
Talkin' with Jim French & Phil Harper
Conducted by Stewart Wright


NEW! Across These Mean Wires
A Twenty-Year Retrospective
& A Long Overdue Thank-You Note

Essay by Victoria Esposito

NEW! Resurrecting Rafferty
My Father, a P.I., a Web Site and Me

Essay by Bill Duncan

NEW! Another One Rides the Bus
Thrilling Detective, Jackson Donne and Me

Essay by Dave White

"The Princess and the Pedlar"
Chandler's Long Lost Comic Operetta
Essay by Kim Cooper

The Lesbian Private Eye
Essay by Megan Casey

Timothy Webster: Pinkerton Detective
and the Civil War Spy
Essay by Corey Recko

A Queer Eye for the New Eyes
Essay by Josh Lanyon

Drive-Bys: Private Eyes in Hip Hop
Essay by Ray Garraty

Sex in Crime Fiction
Essay by Jill Edmonson

"What? You Want It to Be Realistic As Well?"
Essay by Joe Stein

The New Black Mask
A Review and Tribute by Mark Coggins

From Spenser to Yeats:
Feminism's Version of the Hard-boiled Sleuth

is on the Wagon and Rides a Harley
Essay by Jill Edmonson

Poor Bob:
The Private Eye Shows of Robert Urich

Essay by Kevin Burton Smith

Down These Mean Streets a Gay Man Must Also Go
Essay by Drewey Wayne Gunn

A Man Must Do What He Must:
Hammett's Pragmatism
Essay by Josef Hoffmann

P.G. Wodehouse: P.I. Writer
By Rudyard Kennedy

On the Trail of Drexel Drake's Falcon
An On-Going Investigation

By Frank Derato

Mickey Spillane: This Time It's Personal
By Max Allan Collins

Hard, Tough and More Than a Little Nasty:
Martin Brett's Mike Garfin Novels

An Overview by Kevin Burton Smith

Watching the Detective:
The Maltese Falcon's Cynical Influence on a Young Reader
Essay by Peter Spiegelman

The New Pulp!
A Tribute To Blue Murder
Essay by Kevin Burton Smith

Why I Love Crime Fiction
Essay by Leonard Chang

Welcome to L.A.
Opening Remarks by Robert Crais

Memories of Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine
Reminisces by Richard A. Moore

Nero Wolfe:
A Social Commentary on the US
Essay by Marcia Kiser

Spenser and Hawk:
A Study of Good and Evil in the Fiction of Robert B. Parker
Essay by Gerald So

Down Those Mean Skies
The Case of the Private Detective in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Related Genres
Essay by Kevin Burton Smith

The Mitch Tobin Series
Overview by Bryan Schingle

The Donald Strachey Series by Richard Stevenson
Overview by Sam Phillips


NEW! "The Wanted" by Robert Crais
Review by Ron DeSourdis

"The Detective & the Chinese High-Fin" by Michael Craven
and "What You Break" by Reed Farrel Coleman.

A Two-Fisted Double Review by Ron DeSourdis

"The Crossing" by Michael Connelly
Review by Ron DeSourdis

"The Hollow Girl" by Reed Farrel Coleman
Review by Ron DeSourdis

Death is Not the End
"The Black-Eyed Blonde" by Benjamin Black
Review by Kevin Burton Smith

"Beat L.A" by Gary Phillips and Tony Chavira
Review by Lily Gardner

"Right As Rain" by George Pelecanos
Review by Lily Gardner

"The Woman Who Married a Bear" by John Straley
Review by Lily Gardner

"Smoker" by Greg Rucka
Review by Lily Gardner

"Death on the Cheap" by Arthur Lyons
Review by Kevin Burton Smith

A Pynchon Private Eye Novel: "Inherent Vice"
Review by Scott Adlerberg

"Men of the Mean Streets" edited by Greg Herren & J.M. Redmann
Review by Josh Lanyon

"No Chance in Hell" by Nick Quarry
Review by August West

"Claire Dewitt and the City of the Dead" by Sara Gran
Review by D.L. Browne

"No Chance in Hell" by Nick Quarry
Review by August West

"So Dark for April" by John Evans
Review by August West

"The Convertible Hearse" by Bill Gault
Review by August West

"Songs of Innocence" by Richard Aleas
Review by Seth Harwood

"Pulp" by Charles Bukowski
Review by Christopher Friesen

"The Gates of Eden" by Ethan Cohen
Review by Christopher Friesen

"Black Alley" by Mickey Spillane
Review by Christopher Friesen

"A Drink Before the War" by Dennis Lehane
Review by Christopher Friesen

"Cold Fire Calm Rage" by Joe Stein
Review by Kieran Carey

"Tonight I Said Goodbye" by Michael Koryta
Review by James R. Winter

"No Time To Mourn" by Tim Wohlforth
Review by Dale Stoyer

"Eve Missing" by Ralph Pezzullo
Review by Dale Stoyer

"The Narrows" by Michael Connelly
Review by Ron DeSourdis

"Blood is the Sky" by Steve Hamilton
Review by James R. Winter

"Lost Light" by Michael Connelly:
Review by David White

"Hardbroiled," edited by Michael Bracken
Review by James R. Winter

"The Last Place" by Laura Lippman
Review by James R. Winter

"The Adventures of Cardigan" by Frederick Nebel
Review by Mario Taboada

"In His Shadow" by Dave Zeltserman
Review by Mario Taboada

There's Something About Willetta...
"Detecting Men" and "Detecting Women 2" by Willetta Heising
Review by Rick Robinson


The Decade the Private Eye Film Came of Age

By Kevin Burton Smith

"I Was Filled With a Sense
of Loss and Longing."
Chinatown Remembered
By Fred Zackel

"Looking for the Connections"
The Long Goodbye Remembered
By Thomas Pluck

"It's Not Supposed to Matter"
The Conversation Remembered
By Ben Solomon

"With Autumn Closing In"
Night Moves Remembered
By Daniel Moses Luft


Charlie's Angels 2: Full Throttle
Review by D.L. Browne

Kiss Me Deadly
Review by Bryan Schingle 


Drive-Bys: Private Eyes in Hip Hop
Essay by Ray Garraty

Crime Fiction... With Guitars!
Steve Wynn's Riding Shotgun
Review by Kevin Burton Smith 


It Wasn't Easy
Mike Hammer Comes to Television
Review by Kevin Burton Smith 

Coming Soon (maybe)
To a Screen Near You
Pilots 2005-2006
Report by Chris Gumprich


The Language of Angeltown
A review by Robert Lee


Props & Peeves!
Private Eye Stories from A Real-Life P.I.
An essay by Colleen Collins

So, This Author Walks into a Bar...
Musings on Self-Promotion by Steven Gomez


Just Who The Hell
Was Miranda, Anyway?
An essay by Marcia Kiser

NEW! A Full Measure
The Rise & Fall of the Father of The Modern Mug Shot
An essay by Steven Gomez


Never Happen
A Cop's Eye View from Charles Shafer

Tag Man
A Cop's Eye View from Charles Shafer

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