Created by Max Allan Collins (1948--)

No, NOLAN's not really a private eye. What he is is a tough guy, a professional thief, reminiscent of Richard Stark's Parker, who no doubt influenced Nolan's creator, the then-25 year old Max Allan Collins. The difference, though, is that right from the beginning, in his 1973 debut Bait Money, Nolan is looking to retire. Of course, something always seems to come up.

Aiding and abetting Nolan in his criminal entreprises is his young assistant Jon, another professional thief, albeit one with a taste for rock'n'roll and comic books (a passion shared with his creator).

In the last book of the series, 1987's Spree, Nolan finally manages to retire, running a restaurant-cum-nightclub in a mall, when something -- surprise, surprise -- comes up.

But the last published book in the series is actually Mourn the Living, previously serialized in 1987 in Hardboiled, and collected into book form by Five Star Mystery in December 1999. "It was written in college -- probably around '68-'69," Max says, "and is really more of a private eye novel than a typical heist-type Nolan."



  • "Enter Nolan" (1968; also Spring 1987, Hardboiled)
  • "Mourn the Living (Part 1)" (1969; serialized in Summer/Fall 1987, Hardboiled)
  • "Mourn the Living (Part 2)" (1969; Winter/Spring 1988, Hardboiled)
  • "Mourn the Living (Part 3)" (1969; Spring 1989, Hardboiled)


Contains Hard Cash and Scratch Fever novels.

Contains Bait Money and Blood Money.


Max's Official Website!  Here you can find information on Max and his latest works, all done up in a most excellent fashion by his son, Nate.

An illuminating interview with Max, conducted by J. Kingston Pierce. Lots of info on Nate Heller, and he says some nice things about The Two Jakes. Now there's two of us.

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