Johnny Nemo
Created by Peter Milligan and Brett Ewins

When they said there'd always be an England, I'm not sure they meant this one. Ultra-violent,foul-mouthed private eye JOHNNY NEMO's New London of 2921 is a crowded, filthy slimepit awash with mutilated bodies, Death-Juice junkies, Latin-spouting armored fascists, exploding nuns and even a weird religious cult who worship Bing Crosby's left testicle.

So what can a poor gumshoe to do but kill as many people as possible? Armed with newly transplanted liver and lungs (it's easier than quitting smoking and drinking), a noir/punk attitude and an impressive array of firearms and explosives, Johnny seems more than willing to do what he has to.

A pretty good series, actually -- great attitude, quite similar at times to Templeton and Schoenefeld's Kelvin Mace, another trigger-happy comic book eye of the future, who came out at about the same time.

Johhny made his first appearance in the American comic anthology Strange Days, before a short three-issue run in his own book by Eclipse in the mid-eighties. A few years later, the stories (plus some new ones) were reprinted (in black and white) in the first dozen issues of Deadline, a British monthly comic aimed at giving new talent a chance, created by former 2000 AD artists Ewins and Steve Dillon. But it turns out you can't keep an old psychotic down. After a more than ten-year hiatus, Johnny returned in Johnny Nemo: Existentialist Hitman of the Future, collecting seven rarely seen Nemo stories as well as "Time for Nemo", a brand new story written especially for the collection.

Writer/creator Peter Milligan, of course, went on to script the revamped Human Target series for DC/Vertigo in the late nineties.




Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. Thanks to Keith Logan for the comix!.

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