Dave Murphy
Created by John Quinn and Lynne Dahlgren

Michael Nouri is almost interesting as low-key Los Angeles private eye DAVE MURPHY, in writer/director John Quinn's 1991 almost-straight-to video flick TOTAL EXPOSURE.

In it, Dave is called in by a female fashion photographer with a checkered past, just back from a shoot in Mexico, to look into the murder of a model she was seen arguing with. Along the way, there's a little bit of cocaine smuggling, a ambitoious, but twisted DA with mayoral ambitions, a blackmail scheme, a sicko drug dealer, and a few surprises waiting for Dave. Oh yes, and a lot of shots of babes in bikinis, and some pretty ho-hum soft core porn.

Nothing really a bad film, but really pretty standard, run-of-the-mill fare. Murphy's soft-spokeness, and easy-going spin on things might have been developed a bit more, but there's not much else really interesting going on, except maybe for catching Jeff Conaway (Grease, Taxi) as the aforementioned DA.

Prior to this one, director Quinn was best known for directing 1987's Cheerleader Camp (AKA Bloody Pompoms). Yeah, me neither, but I love the alternative title.


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