Dean Murphy
Created by Victor Gischler

Better be careful which Bic you flick. DEAN MURPHY is a wise-cracking, cynical shamus from the hardboiled detective/horror school. When he doesn't think anyone's looking, Dean Murphy can be caught reading Faulkner, Fitzgerald and Shakespeare. He used to be an adjunct English Professor at a small community college in Orlando, Florida, but kids nowadays--what use have they for Shakespeare? So now Murphy's a private eye.

A zippo lighter bearing the ancient Chinese curse "May you live in interesting times" plunges him into a dark world of werewolves, witches and other horrid nastiness. All he wants is to go fishing and drink a few beers, but the curse draws him ever on into new and darker cases.

The chapters of his first book, Three On a Light, consist of all individual cases, and introduce the characters that help Dean with his troubles: His sister Morgan who runs a tattoo parlor near the bus station; his brother Billy, a bailbondsman from Pensacloa; Joe Frank, Dean's only friend at the Orlando Police Department; Mike, Dean's high school pal Mike--now a Catholic Priest; and Emile Hauser, a cranky recluse and collector of rare and curious items. Unfortunately, the press which had accepted it for publication folded. According to author Victor Gischler, "This is par for the course with many small presses, I'm sad to say. I have a few other small presses interested in it, and they've requested the manuscript, but until something good happens, you might want to adjust your listing."

Fortunately, Victor's a determined kinda guy, and Three On a Light has now been snapped up by another publisher, and will see the light of day in 2001.

Victor is also the man behind a series of stories about Charlie the Hook, a hardboiled hired gun, and more traditional Florida P.I. Conner Samson, who appeared in "A Kiss Like Money" in our Fall 2000 issue. As well, Victor regularly was a regular columnist, writing about crime flicks and film noir, for Themestream, before that online entity crashed and burned.




Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith, Thanks to Victor Gischler for the heads up.

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