Simon Kaye
Created by
Hillary Waugh (1920-2008)

Hillary Baldwin Waugh is without a doubt best famous for helping pioneer the police procedural with his 1952 classic Last Seen Wearing, which many still consider the quintessential example of the genre. But he managed to create a few private eyes along the way, as well, perhaps most notably tough guy P.I. SIMON KAYE.

The Kaye stories usually lean towards the protection of damsels in distress. The exception being The Billy Cantrell Case (1981), which is set in the boxing world. Simon himself is a single ex-cop who leans towards action in the hard-boiled tradition. although he does find time to play chess with his long time friend and chess partner, Father Jack McGuire.

A past president of the MWA, Waugh grew up in New Haven, Connecticutt and eventually attended Yale. While at college he boxed and led the chess team. Among his other private investigators are Philip Macadam, another hard-boiled NYC P.I. who only makes one appearance in 1958's The Girl Who Cried Wolf, and millionaire gumshoe Sheridan Wesley who first showed up in If I Live to Dine (1947) and went on to appear in two more novels. Waugh has also used the pennames of Elissa Grandower, H. Baldwin Taylor and Harry Walker. He was named Grand Master of the Mystery Novel by the Swedish Academy of Detection, in 1989 he was named Grand Master by the MWA and has authored several books on the writing of crime fiction, including the Edgar nominated: Hillary Waugh's Guide to Mysteries & Mystery Writing.


  • "Authenticity is the key to good mystery writing. Not only must you be able to write well, but you must also possess the instincts of a good reporter who has†witnessed firsthand the darker side of human nature."
    -- Hillary Waugh, in a 1991 interview


  • The Glenna Powers Case (1980)
  • The Billy Cantrell Case (1981)..Buy this book
  • The Doria Rafe Case (1981)
  • The Veronica Dean Case (1984)
  • The Priscilla Copperwaite Case (1988)
  • The Nerissa Claire Case (1989)

Report respectfully submitted by Dale Stoyer, with additional reporting by Kevin Burton Smith.

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