Nick Mason

Created by Steve Hamilton

NICK MASON's done five years hard time in a maximum security prison, and is looking at twenty more, when he's offered a "Get Out of Jail" card.

But it's not free. In exchange for his freedom, he's got to do a few favours for fellow inmate, Chicago crime boss Darius Cole, who's running his criminal empire from prison.

All Nick wants is a chance to lead a normal life, and be reunited with his ex-wife and daughter, but it seems like there's always somebody to find -- or somebody to kill.

And that's the catch. At no point does it make sense that Cole would even make such an offer to Nick -- Nick's essentially just another petty thief, without any particular set of skills that would suggest he'd be good at tracking down people -- never mind killing them. Nor is he particularly likable.

And the "Do it, or your kid gets killed" schtick gets tiresome real fast.

I'm a much bigger fan of Hamilton's Alex McKnight P.I. series, set in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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