Nick Alston

Created by James Jones

Private detective NICK ALSTON is just one of the three compelling figures at the centre of Australian writer Tim Baker's ambitious conspiracy noir, Fever City (2016).

Also along for the ride is the hitman Hastings, with whom Alston tangles during the investigation into the disappearance of a fat cat Texas oilman's child in the early sixties, and the whole thing is pieced together by Alston's son, Nick Jr., an investigative journalist in 2014 Dallas, who discovers that his father was more than a little involved, somehow, in the Kennedy assassination.

BUT WAIT! Not only does the book deal with that perennial conspiracy magnet -- it also drags in the Mob, Marilyn Monroe, Richard Nixon, Howard Hughes, the Roswell UFO crash, the CIA, secret cabals, the Masons, hidden temples, the arms industry, the Illuminati, the Military Industrial Complex, assorted Cuban exiles, Lyndon Johnson and Sal Mineo, (have we left anyone out?), and ties them all together in a conspiracy to end all conspiracies.

It really shouldn't work, but Baker turns out to be a particularly muscular but deft writer who manages to keep this bad boy moving along.

Born in Sydney, Tim Baker has hopped around the globe, and has lived and/or worked in Rome, Madrid, North Africa, India, Mexico, Brazil, Australia and China, and currently lives in the South of France.


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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