Mac Tuff

Created by George Snyder

MAC TUFF? You're shitting me, right?

At least, that was my first response. Gotta be parody, right?

But upon further investigation, maybe not so much. Author George Snyder is serious.

Mac Tuff is his new P.I. character; a sort of cross between Travis McGee and Honey West. You see, Mac's a woman.

She's 37 years old, five-eight, long legs, small breasts, three times divorced "with many past lovers," and a whole bunch of other things her creator thought I'd like to know. Like, she was apparently "too skinny to be a high school cheerleader," she has "shoulder-length brunette hair," "deep hyacinth blue to violet eyes," she worked five years with the Phoenix PD, is currently the sole operative of Makayla Tuff Private Investigations and she works out of her 22' Airstream trailer in Branch Lake, Arizona, and she hates to be controlled, be it by institutions or people.

She's "beautiful, built, brainy and tougher than her last name." But don't worry -- she "dresses feminine."

After retirement as Senior Editor Technical Publications for Boeing, George Snyder has produced over thirty books, mostly in the hard-boiled private eye genre, featuring three different private eyes: genre through three series: Mac Tuff, Baylor Rumble and Logan Sand, with seventeen of them exclusively through Amazon KDP Select.


Report submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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