Lola Wicks

Created by Gwen Florio

Cranky, sharp-tongued Baltimore Express foreign correspondent LOLA WICKS goes where the action is, be it Afghanistan, where she's just gone through more than enough crap to last a lifetime, or Montana, where she's planning to just chill out for a while (and consider her career options) at her friend's remote mountain cabin, in her impressive, Shamus-nominated debut, Montana (2014).

But it's not meant to be. Seems her pal, Mary Alice Carr, a local reporter with a nose for dirt, has been murdered, which rather puts a limit on the quality time Lisa was planning to spend with her.

This is Big Sky noir, with enough rural grit to make it all worth while, and Wicks , who cuts very little slack for anyone, makes for an intriguing and engaging, if occasionally ill-tempered, guide.

But even better news is that Lola has returned in a sequel, Dakota (2014) suggesting she may be ready to put down some Rocky Mountain roots, having chucked her high-prolile foreign correspondent gig at a Baltimore paper for a job covering county goings-on at the only newspaper in Magpie, Montana.

The author was a foreign correspondent herself, and has covered everything from the Columbine High shootings and the Miss America pageant to battlefield reports from Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia. She currently lives in Missoula, Montana.



Newsroom Eyes

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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