Newsroom Eyes

Jerry Tracy

Created by Theodore A. Tinsley (1894-79; also wrote as Reid Sleyton)

Hard-boiled Daily Planet gossip columnist JERRY TRACY makes Broadway his beat, in a over two dozen short stories in the pagers of Black Mask in the thirties, full of rat-ta-tat-tat action.

Because Jerry was probably the toughest, most two-fisted gossip columnist you'd ever want to meet, as fast "with his typewriter as he was with a .45," as the blurb goes.

But of course, he was a sucker for a dame in distress, or a pal with a hard luck story, and he had a definite knack for sniffing out murders.The most important people in the world come to Broadwayóto eat in restaurants, dance in nightclubs, and die in rain-slicked back alleys. Whatever the big names are doing, Jerry Tracy hears about itóand tells the world in his infamous Daily Planet

A prolific pulpster, Theodore A. Tinsley who wrote for most of the big ones. His best-known creation was Carrie Cashin, arguably pulp fiction's most popular female character. But he also wrote about Amusement, Inc., a gang of crimebusting vigilantes lead by Major John Tattersall Lacy (aka "The Scarlet Ace"), as well as over two dozen stories featuring The Shadow (the first ones not to be written by Walter B. Gibson).


  • "Party from Detroit" (October 1932, Black Mask)
  • "South Wind" (November 1932, Black Mask)
  • "Park Avenue Item" (December 1932, Black Mask)
  • "Beyond All Light" (January 1933, Black Mask)
  • "Ball and Chain" (February 1933, Black Mask)
  • "Help Wanted" (March 1933, Black Mask)
  • "He Asked for it" (Mask May 1933, Black Mask)
  • "Somebody Stole My Pal" (July 1933, Black Mask)
  • "Smoke" (June 1934, Black Mask)
  • "Keep on Asking" (May 1935, Black Mask)
  • "Murderer's Guest" (July 1935, Black Mask)
  • "Behind the Column (nv) Black Mask Aug 1935, Black Mask)
  • "Ticketed for Death" (September 1935, Black Mask)
  • "Five Spot" (November 1935, Black Mask)
  • "Body Snatcher" (February 1936, Black Mask)
  • "Storm Signal" (June 1936, Black Mask)
  • "Murder Maze" (September 1936, Black Mask)
  • "Little Guy" (January 1937, Black Mask)
  • "Manhattan Whirligig" (April 1937, Black Mask)
  • "Murder Is News" (August 1937, Black Mask)
  • "No More Limericks" (April 1938, Black Mask)
  • "Make It Murder" (September 1938, Black Mask)
  • "Station K-I-L-L" (November 1938, Black Mask), Black Mask)
  • "Guide to Murder" (June 1939, Black Mask)
  • "My Candle Burns" (April 1940, Black Mask)



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Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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