Bill Ferrell

Created by Bill Crider

"Goddammit Ferrel, I told you no wisecracking. What I need is some private dicking."

-- Gober, who apparently doesn't realize Ferrel's first name is Bill.

And then there's BILL FERRELL, Bill Crider's cock-eyed, tongue-in-cheek tribute to Hollywood dick Dan Turner and pulp-era gumshoes in general. He's appeared in several short stories over the years, often involved in the tracking down of a missing animal, and his client is invariably the short-tempered, penny-pinching Carl Gober, the head of Gober Studios, creators of some of the biggest schlock to ever find its way to a cut-rate silver screen. Suffice it to say it's always a treat to stumble across a new Ferrel story.

Ferrel may not have the over-boiled patter of Turner, but Crider still has a lot of fun with it all, partly because he's a better plotter than Bellem ever was.

Genial Texan gent Bill Crider writes the Blog Bytes column for Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, but he's best known for his crime novels and stories -- he has five mystery series currently going, most notably the one featuring Sheriff Dan Rhodes. But his series featuring Galveston private eye Truman Smith ain't too shabby either.


  • "Cap'n Bob and Gus" (1994, Cat Crimes V)
  • The Easter Cat" (1996, Cat Crimes on Holiday)
  • "El Lobo Rides Alone" (1998, Midnight Louie's Pet Detectives)
  • "Tinseltown Follies of 1948" (1999, Cat Crimes through Time)
  • "Out like a Lion" (2001, Death by Horoscope)
  • "One of our Leprechauns is Missing" (2001, Murder Most Celtic)
  • "Gorilla of the Gasbags" (March 2014, EQMM)

Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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