Ernesto Sánchez

Created by T.E. Wilson

Say, hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

When her family packed it all up and emigrated from Mexico City to safe, tolerant Canada to flee the clutches of the cartel her family worked for, teenage tomboy Cristina Sánchez thought it would be a new start. And, for a while, it was. She adapted well into the Canadian mosaic.

But soon enough Cristina had shucked both her name and her gender, and became ERNESTO SÁNCHEZ, a "tough cop with a five-o'clock shadow."

But now he's back in his homeland, working off a P.I. ticket he got with a little help from his family's connections, and he's doing okay, tracking down stray husbands and taking on a missing person case now and then, working out of his dumpy apartment in Mexico City which he shares witrh his skinny German Shepherd, Bill Clinton. Okay, his love life isn't that great, he's out of shape, and he drinks way too much Mezcal, but hey, nobody's life is perfect. Right?

But then, in this proposed series debut, Mezcalero (2015), he gets a call from his mom in Canada, who wants him to do her a favour: help find a young Canadian gringa who's gone missing somewhere along Mexico's crime-ridden Pacific Coast.

T.E. Wilson was born in Montreal, attended McGill University, and has worked as a journalist and human rights observer in Latin America. He currently resides in Peterborough, Ontario.



Mexican Eyes

Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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