David Raker

Created by Tim Weaver

A missing person investigator living in London, DAVID RAKER is the protagonist in a series of popular, intricately plotted puzzlers that have recently started to generate some buzz on this side of the Atlantic as well.

Raker is a former newspaper reporter who chucked his career to care for his wife after she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Still haunted by his wife's death, he becomes drawn into hunting down missing persons; obsessed with, as the author puts it, the "stories (that) must go untold when a person vanishes."

The author, in a Crime Fiction Lover interview, goes on to explain. "I just became very interested in the idea of a person going missing in an age where we have CCTV on every street, 24-hour rolling news channels, and constant access to cameras through our phones. It seemed like an intriguing starting point for a book. It sounds trite, but I was also struck by the human cost."

The author, like Raker himself, is a former British journalist. He has worked as a magazine editor, and written extensively about videogames, film, television and tech. He lives in Bath, England.


  • "Readers who despair after a hundred pages that all the plotlines Weaver has launched can't possibly fit together are strongly urged to persist. They do indeed all fit together, and the monstrous pattern that emerges is as devastating as in any of Ross Macdonald's nightmares."

-- Kirkus


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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