Dave Wakeland

Created by Sam Wiebe

Sam Wiebe, author of the raw, bruising (and Shamus-nominated) P.I. novel Last of the Independents (2014) returns with another damaged young Vancouver private eye, DAVE WAKELAND, in Invisible Dead (2016).

But don't be a chump and ignore this new one, thinking you've read it all before. Wakeland may not even be thirty yet, but he's already accumulated almost as much emotional damage and psychological scar tissue as wisdom.

Once again it's a young woman missing for far too long who's the catalyst, but this time it's not the disappearance of a friend's innocent young girl who haunts the detective.

Wakeland never knew Chelsea Loam, who disappeared eleven years earlier. But when he's hired to find her after all these years, he soon realizes she may have been a lot of things, but "innocent" doesn't seem to have ever been one of them. The trail soon leads to a convicted serial killer, a biker gang, far too many nasty secrets and far too many nasty (and dangerous) people who would rather those secrets were never exposed.

Vancouver's Sam Wiebe's crime fiction has been published internationally. Recent projects include audio adaptations of Hamlet and Frankenstein, an independent film script, and a follow-up novel, Cut You Down, which was published in February 2018.


  • A timely, gripping story that rages with frustration and anger at what might have been and what might yet be; a book that does for the missing women of the Downtown Eastside what Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath did for migrant workers. Complex, brilliantly crafted, it has an underlying sadness that permeates every gritty, lyrical word."

--Peggy Blair

  • "A gripping, wrenching, brilliant piece of fiction, quite possibly the definitive Vancouver crime novel... outstanding."

-- Owen Laukkanen

  • "Invisible Dead does all the things that only the PI novel can do, pushing the limits of morals to the breaking point in the pursuit of truth. Dave Wakeland is a great guide into the dark soul of Vancouver, never stopping and never looking away."

--John McFetridge



Private Eyes of the West Coast

The author's official web site.

Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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