Mike Cobb and Adam Cullen

Created by David A. Poulsen

MIKE COBB is a former cop. ADAM CULLEN is a former crime reporter for the Calgary Herald. Now they both freelance: Mike as a private investigator, and Adam as a journalist-for-hire.

They're long-time friends, and together they occasionally team up to "thwart Calgary's criminal element," as Mike likes to put it.

David A. Poulsen has been a broadcaster, teacher, football coach, and actor. The author of more than twenty books, David spends time each year as a visiting author in schools across Canada. His young adult novel Numbers was awarded the Sakura Medal in Japan, and his most recent teen novel, Old Man was shortlisted for the White Pine. He lives in the foothills west of Claresholm, Alberta.



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Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith, with thanks to Richard Aldrich.

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