Clio Browne

Created by Dolores Komo

Although her one appearance was pretty much universally slagged by everyone, St. Louis private eye CLIO BROWNE's one and only appearance, in the eponymously titled Clio Browne, Private Investigator (1989) was considered notable for being one of the first black female private eyes.

The daughter of one of the first black private detective in St. Louis, and the widow of a cop herself, Clio comes by her occupation naturally.

Unfortunately, what starts off as a satisfying yarn full of great local colour, sly humour and an engaging cast (including Clio's mom, who is some piece of work) gets bogged down by some tepid pacing and too many coincidences and loose ends, and finally goes off the rails.

At the time of its publication, it was reported that the author, Dolores Komo, was a legal secretary, possibly white, maybe black, but it's since been suggested that Dolores Komo was actually a pseudonym of Dean Koontz. There's little proof of this, and it should be noted that A Bibliography of Crime Fiction, generally considered a pretty reliable source, suggests it was in fact of pen name of Dolores Komoroski (1926-1991).


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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