Created by George C. Chesbro (1940-2008)

Definitely the shortest eye this side of Inch High, DR. ROBERT "MONGO" FREDERICKSON is probably the world's only dwarf ex-circus star turned college professor turned New York private eye. But he's much more than that. He has a PhD. (in criminology), once made a living as an acrobat in the circus, has a "very" big brother, Garth, who's a NYPD lieutenant, and he's a martial arts expert. All of which come in handy in his job as a private detective whose cases frequently bring him deep into X-FILES territory. "Raymond Chandler meets Stephen King", reads the oft-mentioned Playboy quote.

Not to everyone's taste, but definitely well-written, and certainly a treat for anybody who enjoys a good, off-beat tale or two.

Recently, author Chesbro has been writing several short stories featuring Mongo's brother and sometime partner, Garth Frederickson, no longer with the NYPD, who's now working as a P.I. himself.

Although his books were out of print for years, Chesbro and Mongo have attracted quite a cult following, with first editions of some of the Mongo novels reportedly selling for hundreds of dollars.


  • "Chesbro's wild roller-coaster rides mix detection with science fiction and fantasy but keep a center of humanity and rationality in the amazing Mongo, one of the greatest characters of recent mystery fiction."
    Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine

  • "Not quite science fiction and suspense make a thrilling combination, and nobody works it better than Chesbro . . . Raymond Chandler meets Stephen King by way of Alice's looking glass."


  • Shadow of a Broken Man (1977)
  • City of Whispering Stone (1978)
  • An Affair of Sorcerers (1979)
  • The Beasts of Valhalla (1985)
  • Two Songs This Archangel Sings (1986)
  • The Cold Smell of Sacred Stone (1988)
  • Second Horseman Out of Eden (1989)
  • The Language of Cannibals (1990)
  • The Fear in Yesterday's Rings (1991)
  • Dark Chant in a Crimson Key (1992)
  • An Incident at Bloodtide (1993)
  • Bleeding in the Eye of a Brainstorm (1995)
  • Dream of a Falling Eagle (1996)


  • "The Drop" (October 1971, MSMM)
  • "High Wire" March 1972, AHMM)
  • "Rage" (February 1973, AHMM)
  • "Country for Sale" (June 1973, MSMM)
  • "Dark Hole on a Silent Planet" (November 1973, AHMM)
  • "The Healer" (August 1974, AHMM)
  • "Falling Star" (November 1974, AHMM)
  • "Book of Shadows" (June 1975, MSMM)
  • "Tiger in the Snow" (March 1976, MSMM)
  • "Canadala" (1988, An Eye for Justice)


  • In the House of Secret Enemies (1990)


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