Kelvin Mace
Created by Ty Templeton and Klaus Schoenefeld

KELVIN MACE is, ahem, as the title of his first adventure so proudly states, "a man who has no business being anyone's role model." In the year 2056, with skyscrapers threatening to leave the atmosphere and law and order more or less a vague memory, when you need a job done, trigger-happy private eye Kelvin Mace's your man. As he proudly states to a potential client, "Almost everything I do is needlessly violent and enormously irresponsible." And then, to drive the point home, he swats his diminutive sidekick, Fixer, out the window with a baseball bat. Violent. Yes. Irresponsible. You bet. Hilarious. Utterly.

A really fun series, published by Toronto-based Vortex Comics, that, alas, only lasted two issues. Unfortunately, the book's co-creator, Klaus Shoenefeld passed away. A stamp on the first page of my copy of issue one reads "Second Printing, Copyright Jan. 1987. All proceeds donated to the Klaus Schoenefeld Memorial Scholarship." Ty Templeton has gone on to script The Batman Adventures and The Gotham Adventures for DC.


Thanks to Keith Logan for the comix, and Joyce Poon for the heads up..

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