Lloyd Llewellyn
Created by Daniel Clowes

Certainly one of the most peculiar private eyes to pop out of the whole comic book/graphic art explosion/renaissance of the eighties was Daniel Clowes, retro-cool, hardboiled, hare-brained hipster, LLOYD LLEWELYN, who just happened to be a private dick. In the course of his travails, Lloyd was constantly running up against various weirdos, sickos, aliens, nymphos, alternative universes, time travellers, rock 'n'roll musicians, jungle girls and other assorted oddities, all trapped in a world that seemed to take fifties cocktail lounge culture as the basis for all civilization. He was usually accompanied in his (mis)adventuresby by beatnik sidekick Ernie Hoyle.

The end result is sorta like if you made Kookie the hero of 77 Sunset Strip, and filmed it in The Twilight Zone. Tell the truth, Though, for all the detective work he actually does, Lloyd might as well be a insurance salesman. Let's face it; things just happen to the guy. Still, pretty cool reading. Funny out-there stuff, for sure.

The original Lloyd Llewellyn series was published in black and white and ran for six issuess from April 1986 to June 1987, with a special "final" issue was appearing in December 1988.

Clowes' next comic project, Eightball, featured several additional Lloyd Llewellyn episodes, and he popped up in a few cameos, but he hasn't reappeared for quite a while now.


    (1986-7, Fantagraphics)
    6 issues, black & white
  • "Stories"
  • "Hound Blood"
  • "The Eatniks"
  • "Dementia Praecox"
  • "The Battlin' American"
  • "The Goo"
  • "Wild Night in Tiger-Town"
  • "Queen of Venus"
  • "Crawl, Worm!"
  • "Maiden Japan" (1986)
  • "Uwanna" (1987)
  • "The Nightmare" (June 1987, #6)
    (December 1988, Fantagraphics)
    1 issue
  • "Concrete Vixen" (1988)
    (1989--, Fantagraphics)
  • "#$@&!, Part One and Two" (1989)


  • #$@&! The Official Lloyd Llewellyn Collection (1989) .. Buy this book
  • The Manly World of Lloyd Llewellyn (1995) .. Buy this book
    Subtitled "A Golden Treasury of His Complete Works;" includes 31 stories

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