Sam Jones
Created by Lauren Henderson

Punky, irreverent SAM JONES, young sculptor and occasional aerobics instructor, not to mention accidental private investigator, is feisty, tough, sarcastic, and thoroughly a part of her generation. As one would-be, teacup-rattling social critic on DorothyL pointed out "I don't think Lauren's character is so much amoral, but that her morals reflect those of younger generations in Britain today." Meow!

Not that Sam's really a P.I. She's been described as "the little sister of Kate Brannigan (Val McDermid's Manchester sleuth), but, like Sparkle Hayter's Robin Hudson, she's really more of an amateur sleuth, with enough attitude to flatten anyone who opposes her presence here. Who am I, amere editor, to object?

My favourite definition? "Art chick-cum-sleuth."

And, alleged pig that I am, what's not to like about a smart, witty, randy, beer-drinking, rubber-clad sleuth?

These are great books, fall-down funny. Check 'em out...


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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