Jeffrey Jones
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"No thanks, I'll just have my usual cup of coffee."
-the mantra of Jeffrey Jones

JEFFREY JONES is an ex-G.I. working his way through law school by doing a little part-time P.I. work. Tea-totaller Jones inexplicably works out of New York's Golden Bubble Bar and Restaurant. He was often aided in his work by smart reporter/girlfriend "Mike" Malone.

Pretty standard fare, filmed on location in Hollywood, although there was a touch of whimsy to the proceedings. Here he is, describing his most recent state of unconciousness (K.O.'s were a weekly occurrence): "...and so I sank into lullaby land, where dappled horses were prancing through a field of yellow roses and a beautiful princess was stroking my hair."

The Files of Jeffrey Jones was a 1952 syndicated series, which many assumed was a spin-off from another show, The Cases of Eddie Drake, which had also starred Haggerty as a private eye, although all they really have in common was their star.


    (1952, syndicated)
    39 30-minute episodes
    Writers: Warren Douglas,
    Robert Raynor, Dwight V. Babcock
    Directed by
    Lew Landers and George Blair
    Produced by
    Lew Landers and George Blair
    Starring Don Haggerty as JEFFREY JONES
    and Gloria Henry as Michele "Mike" Malone
    Also starring
    Lyle Talbot, Vince Barnett
  • "Death Book" (March 7, 1955)
  • "Squeeze Play" (March 8, 1955)
  • "Play for Keeps" (March 9, 1955)
  • "Tag, You're It" (March 10, 1955)
  • "One for the Money" (March 11, 1955)
  • "Malibu Marry-Go-Round" (June 13, 1955)
  • "Holiday With Murder" (June 14, 1955)
  • "The Alligator Laughed" (June 13, 1955)
  • "The Careless Killer" (June 16, 1955)
  • "The Happy Hooligan" (June 17, 1955)
  • "Money Talks" (August 26, 1955)
  • "Angels Never Cry"
  • "Mr. Doom"
  • "The Biscay Duke"
  • "The Pigeon Hunt"
  • "Three Frightened People"
  • The Careless Killer"
  • "Double Double Cross"
  • "The Blind Buddha"
  • "The Cement Pillow"
  • "Dearth Ransom"
  • "The Dusty Doll"
  • "The Evil Ones"
  • "End of the line"
  • "The Lady Wouldn't Talk"

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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