Rafe Guttman
Created by Bob Gale & Robert Zemeckis

Here's another one for you from the Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers category... you know, you find private eyes in the strangest places...

RAFE GUTTMAN, the seedy, sarcastic PI hero of the second Tales From The Crypt
movie, Bordello Of Blood, is basically Dennis Miller, Private Eye. The wise-cracking stand-up comic, best known for his Weekend Update reports on the Saturday Night Live of the early Nineties, and his socio-political "rants" on his own HBO series, gives Guttman exactly the same wise-ass persona developed for his comedy act.

Guttman's perpetually broke, has an endless supply of sarcastic quips, lives in an old movie theater, and has seemingly few moral qualms about taking advantage of his clients.

In this horror-comedy, he's hired by a beautiful young woman (Erika Eleniak) who's punk younger brother has disappeared. Guttman tracks the kid (Corey Feldman) to a funeral parlor/bordello on the fringe of town, operated by a Madam named Lilith (Angie Everhart). Being a Tales From The Crypt movie, the bordello is staffed by a bevy of buxom vampire prostitutes who literally suck their customers dry.

The fun, if somewhat mindless film also has a TV evangelist named Jimmy Current (Chris Sarandon) who has some connection to vampire queen Lilith... a killer dwarf, lots of bare breasts and copious bloodletting. What fun!


Thanks to Chris Mills for this one. He rots his mind watching this stuff SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO!!!

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