Created by G. Wells Taylor

Who is this bozo?

WILDCLOWN sure ain't your granddad's private eye. Sure, he's suitably tough, suitably cynical, and suitably partial to a good swig of Canadian Club now and then. But he also lives and works in Greasetown, a hellhole where, following the "Change," the living never age, the dead have risen from their graves, sex is only a faint memory, house pets have become feral, it's always night, and it's always raining.

And, oh yeah, forget the fedora and trenchcoat. Wildclown wears clown garb and makeup. He's also occasionally possessed by a disembodied entity. And his workaholic partner, Elmo? He's dead.

This series blends together sci-fi, horror and the hard-boiled detective novel, usually a sign the writer hasn't got a clue what he's doing. But Taylor makes it work, simply because he knows how to spin a good yarn. He also displays a enjoyably caustic wit and frequently nasty edge. I mean, Greasetown has a shoot on site rule for cats.

And now Wildclown has made the jump to full-length fiction with 2002's When Graveyards Yawn, wherein a dead lawyer hires him to find out who murdered him.

Owen Sound, Ontario's own G. Wells Taylor, thanks to his creation, genre-jumping private eye Wildclown, is turning into some kind of one-man multi-media mogul. Web site, short stories, novels... can film and television be far behind? G. still lives in Owen Sound, where he works as a journalist, writer and web graphic artist. He also edits and designs The Wildclown Chronicle, a site that features not just his fiction but others surfing the murky waters of cross-genre pulp fiction.






Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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