Uncle Victor
Created by Rob Lopresti

UNCLE VICTOR is the slightly eccentric, older uncle of the head of an organized crime family. Oh yeah, he's a private eye, and actually a pretty damn good one at that.

Not that his nephew Benny, the head of the Family, is all that pleased. It seems Benny's father's dying wish that he take good care of Uncle Victor, and since the older members of his organization all know this, Benny is stuck with Victor no matter how much it hurts. And sometimes it really hurts.

The pain starts in "Uncle Victor's First Case", when Uncle Victor gets it in his head that that he wants to be a private detective and makes Benny pull the strings to get him a license. In each story the relationship is explored and Uncle Victor uses a combination of his own methods and occasionally, a little "pull" from Benny and the Family to solve crimes.

Rob Lopresti is a librarian at Western Washington University in Bellingham Washington. He is also a singer/songwriter, but still finds the time for writing short mystery fiction for Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine and other places. In 1994 he was nominated for an Anthony Award for "Crow's Feat", a short story featuring his other series character, Marty Crow.



Respectfully submitted by Dale Stoyer.

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