Brenda Strange
Created by Patty G. Henderson

BRENDA STRANGE is, well, strange. Her back story could almost have come from a mid-sixties comic book by Marvel. It seems Brenda was pretty comfy in her life, what with just being made a  junior partnership in a prestigious law firm, a rock-solid relationship with her lover, Tina Marchanti, and the prospect of landing the summer house of her dreams in Florida.

Until, that is, some disgruntled yahoo client with a gun opened fire in the law firm, killing Brenda and eight others. Evidently Charlton Heston wasn't there to explain why gun control is so dangerous...

But fortunately, Brenda wasn't REALLY dead. After a near-death experience, she "came back" from the dead, full of all sorts of neato psychic abilities. Things like houses and dead people talk to her. Struggling to accept her new powers, trying to make sense of them, she becomes a private detective.




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