Earl Stack
Created by Nick Andreychuk

EARL STACK is a P.I. based in Buffalo, NY. He looks after his former partner's 12-year old son, Jake Diggs, since his partner's death, and wants to be sure his adopted "nephew" goes to college. He has a soft spot for the kid, but that doesn't make him soft. He isn't afraid to wrap his hand around a roll of quarters to make a point with a drug dealer. He does have some morals though, as evidenced in this response to his client in "Hazard Pay" who tries to talk him into murder:

"Hold it, I don't do that type of thing." Well maybe a drug dealer or a rapist, but a white-collar criminal? No way. What kind of lowlife did he take me for?

Earl does have a knack for making sure he gets paid for his efforts, no matter how the case turns out. Despite being blindsided by events in "Holiday Bonus" he seems to come out well financially.

Nick Andreychuk was born in a small town in Ontario, Canada. A graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University with an Honors Bachelor of Business Administration, he's worked in a cemetery and a cherry farm, conducted market research, and run a coffee shop. Nick is a Derringer Award-winner and Pushcart Prize-nominee. His short crime fiction has appeared in many publications and anthologies. Nick's work can also be found in Bullet Points, an anthology of short-short mystery fiction that he co-edited. He is also the author of the Grant Harden series. He currently lives with his wife in British Columbia, where he writes and edits full time. Readers can contact him at nickandreychuk@hotmail.com.



Respectfully submitted by Dale Stoyer.

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