Hugh Lockwood, Nick Bianco & "C.R." Grover
Created by Leslie Stevens

HUGH LOCKWOOD, NICK BIANCO and CHRISTOPHER ROBIN "C.R." GROVER were operatives for Probe, a high-tech private detective agency in Search, the cheesy1972 TV show that tried to combine the private eye, spy and science fiction genres with what was then pretty cutting-edge technology. It was actually good, hokey fun for adolescent boys of all ages.

The show alternated episodes between the three Probe "agents," all of whom were wired up the wazoo, for everything from sound and vision to their bodily fuctions. The action flipped back and forth between the ops out in the field, and Probe Control, where a team of earnet, stern-faced experts, supervised by crochety V.C.R. Cameron (Burgess Meredith), cooly monitored everything the agents saw and heard and felt, including body temperature, heartbeats and blood pressure, and in turn relayed intructions to the ops using miniature transmitters.

The turtle-necked Lockwood (played by Hugh O'Brian), for example, wore a clunky medallion (okay, it was the seventies) that was actually a camera, which broadcast his every move.

In the course of its one-season run (plus the two-hour pilot, entitled "Probe") the globe-trotting ops investigated the disappearance of government officials, battled counterfeiters, recovered moon rocks, tracked terrorists, helped foreign scientists defect and foiled assorted Nazis, Commies and other nefarious villians out to destroy life as we know it.

Man, I used to think this show was soooooo cool....





Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. And a big thanks to Gordon Scott for the comic relief.

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