Max Roper
Created by Kin Platt (1911-2004)

MAX ROPER is an Los Angeles-based operative for EPT (Emergency Procedure Terminus), a nationwide private investigation/security firm run by O.J. Barr that frequently works for big business concerns, as well as doing the dirty work for various local and national government law enforcement agencies when they need some behind-the-scenes work that will not come back to haunt them.

Fortunately, Max is more than up to the task, possessed of a giant pair of brass ones and able to handle himself with women or weapons, as the case may be. And his first person narration has enough grit and wit in it to make his adventures just zip along.

Frequently, Roper's cases, such as The Screwball King Murder (baseball) and Match Point for Murder (tennis) are sports-themed , despite the fact he describes himself as a "half-assed jock," but all in all, it's strictly 1970's paperback pulp, somewhat reminiscent of the Brian Brett or Milo March books, quick action-packed reads full of action meant to be chewed up, enjoyed and forgotten. It's a tribute to the writers' skills that so many people still have such great affection for these books.

Kin Platt was the newspaper cartoonist for the "Mr. and Mrs" (1947-63) and "The Duke and the Duchess" (1950-54) . comic strips for the New York Herald Tribune syndicate, as well as the writer of several children's mystery novels, for one of which he received the Mystery Writers of America Edgar Award.



Respectfully submitted by Glen Davis, with a little extra legwork from Kevin Burton Smith.

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