Peter Macklin

Created by Loren D. Estleman

PETER MACKLIN is just your average joe, with your average problems: doubts about his job, a bad marriage, and a kid that seems to get into an awful lot of trouble. Oh, and occasionally, he has to kill someone. I guess it all goes with the turf of being a professional killer for the Mob, where early, unplanned and permanent retirement isn't exactly unheard of.

Still, it's a job.

In his first three appearances, Peter is all over the place, doing the sort of things a hit man's just gotta do, to get to do what he's hired to do, like trying to free an excursion boat full of hostages from a band of terrorists, dodging a contract on his own life, and defending an outspoken preacher from another killer.

And then Macklin disappeared, as Estleman seemingly concentrated on other writing projects. But in 2001, he returned in a short story, "Something Borrowed, Something Blue," a seemingly kinder, gentler man, retired from the business of killing people, settled down and even married, apparently just another happy honeymooner. Until a former employer kidnaps his new bride to ensure Macklin does a little job for him. the short story was later expanded into a full-length novel of the same name.

When he's not off killing folks, Peter makes his home in Detroit, the same stomping ground as creator Loren Estleman's best known creation, tough-talking, wise-cracking Motor City shamus, Amos Walker.


  • Kill Zone (1984)
  • Roses Are Dead (1985;)
  • Any Man's Death (1986)
  • Something Borrowed, Something Black (2002)..Buy this book
  • Little Black Dress (2005) . Buy this book


  • "Something Borrowed, Something Black" (2000, The Night Awakens)
  • "The Black Spot" (March/April 2015, EQMM)


The author's official website, focussing on both his mystery and historical western work.

Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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