Stop the Presses!

Eldon Larkin
Created by Vince Kohler (? ­ 2001)

The National Enquirer meets the The X-Files.

Or maybe Green Acres meets The Night Stalker...

ELDON LARKIN is a reporter for a small town newspaper called the South Coast Sun, a scandal rag in Port Jerome on the rainy Northwest coast of Oregon. He is something of a coward, but will do just about anything to impress a woman.

Okay, he isn't your traditional P.I., but the mysteries were pretty good (if bizarre) and Eldon does have a code of sorts, he's just not the white knight type.

This series is full of wacky, but well written characters, and the bizarre is made to seem rational. Big Foot makes an appearance in the debut novel, Rainy North Woods, as does a gentleman who is trying to signal UFOs. Rising Dog includes a former alcoholic tugboat captain who takes up a second career as a preacher and claims to have resurrected a dog, and Scandinavian bikers. Banjo Boy revolves around the death of a 452-pound former high school football star turned pimp who was murdered by a shotgun disguised in pornographic topiary.

Oh, and I dig the cool cover on his last book. Check it out.



Respectfully submitted by Dale Stoyer.

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