Phil Kramer
Created by Paul Kruger (pseudonym of Roberta Elizabeth Sebenthal; 1917-1979?)

PHIL KRAMER, the junior partner of Rutledge and Kramer is a Boulder (later Astoria) Colorado attorney who likes to act like a private detective.  He's got a secretary, Mickey, that actually runs the firm, and he lives in fear she'll get married and quit.  Not bad, like a softer boiled version of Hal Masur's Scott Jordan.

Also worth noting is that the author, Paul Kruger, whose named appeared on a slew of variously boiled crime novels in the fifties and sixties (including the perfectly titled P.I. one-shot, Bullet for a Blonde) was actually a woman, Roberta Elizabeth Sebenthal. In fact, the last two novels in the series appeared under R.E. Sebenthal. Kruger also wrote a one-shot P.I. novel


Respectfully submitted by Glen Davis, with a little extra legwork from Kevin Burton Smith.

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