Mark Kilby
Created by Robert Caine Frazer (pseudonym of John Creasey; 1908-73)

MARK KILBY, "dashing man about crime" is a devastatingly handsome British ex-secret agent who now works as a trouble shooter for R.I.S.C., Regal Investment Security Corporation, a consortium of billionaires.  He's almost at times more of a secret agent for Big Business than a regular detective.

He's a "tall, lean man with silvery grey eyes in an eagle-like face, who dresses in fashionable suits, and carries a shiny yellow Malacca caneabout ten inches long and tipped with gold on both ends.." which is really a sword cane.  He carries it in a pocket in the waistband of his trousers just in front of his left hip.  He was wounded badly in WWII, resulting in having part of his jaw replaced by plastic.  As a result he becomes very angry when someone hits him in the face.  The nearly omniscient Kilby usually saves some beleagured business to make money for R.I.S.C. and takes a cut for himself.  


Respectfully submitted by Glen Davis.

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