Lennox Kemp
Created by M.R.D. Meek (1918-2009)

According to one blurb, England's fat, balding fortyish LENNOX KEMP is a "struck-off solicitor turned inquiry agent." Er, disbarred shyster becomes a private peeper, anyone? Anyway, while waiting to be reinstated (the events leading up to his disbarment are related in the first book in the series), he earns his daily bread as an op for the London-based McCready's Detective Agency.

But he is eventually reinstated, and this spare yet often elegant series, full of rich characterization, and sharp writing, continues, with Kemp as a particular hands-on type of attornney, part Perry Mason and part Lew Archer.

M.R.D. Meek is actually Margaret Reid Duncan, a retired lawyer. She was also rumoured to have written under the pseudonym of Alison Cairns, but that has turned out to be untrue.


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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