Brian Kane

Created by Jack Bludis

BRIAN KANE is a Hollywood eye, with a weakness for Camels and young starlets. He works the dirty side of the mean streets of Tinsel Town in the early fifties, peeping in windows, snapping pictures and generally trying to survive. Although Brian's beat is supposedly the unglamourous side of town, where "desparate glamour girls are a dime a dozen (and) where the wannabe's wait for fame and fortune behind dreary lunch counters and hat-check lines," he sure does rub up against plenty of the rich and powerful. His client in his first novel-length case, The Big Switch (2001), for example, is the wife of a "mega-star," who suspects him of cheating. And in the second novel, The Deal Killers (2002), Kane and his smart hooker/girlfriend, Kitty, take on Hungarian mobsters and, yes, more movie stars. Or in this case, B-actors who look amazingly like real movie stars.

One of ther inexplicably over-looked aces of the genre, Jack Bludis is a Hunt Valley, Maryland writer who has sold over 400 short stories and forty novels under a slew of pen names and in a wide variety of genres, but his P.I. stuff is simply stellar, garnering nominations for both the Anthony and the Shamus awards. Under his own name he writes about forties Baltimore eye Ken Sligo and fifties private eye Rick Page. He is currently at work on a police procedural set in a small Maryland city west of Baltimore to go along with what he calls his various other "potboilers" -- none of which bear his name.



  • "This is an amiably talky book... an entertaining and sexy take on the classic P.I. story."

-- Lev Raphael, The Detroit Free Press

  • "Fans of the hardboiled good old stuff should rejoice. Jack Bludis is a true Keeper of the Flame, and The Last Sellout is a more than worthy addition to the PI canon. Five out of five stars!"

-- Richard Helms

  • "The Last Sellout proves yet again that there is a link to the giants of the genre and his name is Bludis."

-- Reed Farrel Coleman


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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