Frank Johnson
Created by Ed Lynskey

FRANK JOHNSON is a thirtyish-divorcee working as a private eye and sometime gunsmith in the fictitious town of Pelham, Virginia. The town, once rural, is now being swallowed by the suburban sprawl from Washington, DC.

Franks gripes a lot about his staff of computer geeks, but he's a bit of a Poindexter himself -- he may detest Microsoft, but he's also a Linux weenie. But that's not the only contradiction in his life -- he's also an on-again, off-again reformed and then not-so-reformed smoker and drinker.

Aiding and abetting Frank in his adventures are three supporting characters. Robert Gatlin is a rather eccentric billionaire whose posh office is near Middleburg's horse aristocracy. His big passion in life, besides eating and hamming it up on COURT TV, is sticking it to "The Man" every chance he can get. And, of course, prying Frank Johnson out of legal jams. He also employs Johnson on occasion to do heavy lifting, and has dispatched him to such locales as Hanio, Frankfurt, Bermuda, Turkey, Boston, New York, Toronto, Mexico City, New Mexico, West Virginia, and Florida.

Frank occasionally works with two brothers: Chet and Gerald Peyton. Chet is a teen-ager, up for about anything. He usually works driving heavy equipment, but is usually available when Frank needs him. His older brother Gerald, a bail bonds enforcer (aka "bounty hunter"), is also called in sometimes.

A prolific short story writer, Lynskey's work has in numerous anthologies, magazines and e-zines, including Plots With Guns, Futures, Judas, Detective Mystery Stories, 3rdDegree, Mississippi Review, Hard Luck Stories and Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine. Their creator, the astoundingly prolific Ed Lynsky, has worked at one time or another as a gunsmith, fry cook, political campaign worker, technical writer, support engineer, and a sash and door millworker, as well as an occasional book reviewer for The New York Times and The Washington Post. He grew up in rural Virginia and has traveled to Toronto, Bermuda, Frankfurt, Ankara, and Mexico City. Today, he lives and works in the gray swirls of suburbia surrounding Washington, DC.

His first Frank Johnson novel, The Dirt-Brown Derby, was published in 2006, and several more have followed. He has since also written several standalones, running the gamut from horror to cozies in such books as Lake Charles, Quiet Anchorage and Ask the Dice, and has also written numerous short stories featuring Sharon Knowles, a former homicide cop turned P.I. who maintains close ties with her former employers.


  • "The Dirt-Brown Derby is hard, fast, and unsentimental. PI Frank Johnson is a guy you want on your side."
    -- Bill Crider



  • Out of Town for a Few Days (2004) ...Kindle it!
    Containing 15 stories .featuring Frank Johnson.


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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