Johnny Hawke
Created by David Stuart Davies (1946 --)

The war evidently didn't belong just to Foyle...

Not to be confused with Edward Y. Breese's similarly named P.I., David Stuart Davies' JOHHNY HAWKE is a one-eyed private detective operating in London during the Blitz who's appeared in several solid World War II-era mysteries.

A policeman at the outbreak of the war, he's thwarted from enlisting when during training a rifle explodes in his face and he loses an eye. Offered a desk job with the police, Johnny instead opts to go private and promptly became known as Johnny One-Eye.

He made his debut in "One for the Monet," a short story which appeared in issue 37 of Sherlock: The Detective Magazine. Johnny was subsequently featured in several other short stories before making his novel-length debut in Forests of the Night in 2005.

David Stuart Davies wasa teacher of English before becoming a full-time editor, writer, and playwright. His early work mostly concerned Sherlock Holmes, and he wrote extensively about the man, contributing both fiction and non-fiction, as well as editing Sherlock Holmes: The Detective Magazine, and Red Herrings, the monthly in-house publication of the Crime Writers' Association.His award-winning one-man play Sherlock Holmes: The Last Act was also quite a success, premiering at the Salisbury Playhouse in 1999 and has since been performed in France, Canada, America, Hong Kong, Malta and all over the British Isles.




Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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