John Justin Mallory
Created by Mike Resnick

Dragons? Vampires? Unicorns? Mallory's your man.

Down on his luck (naturally) Big Apple gumshoe JOHN JUSTIN MALLORY needs a bit of sunshine in his life when we first meet him in 1987's Stalking the Unicorn.

His wife has has run off with his partner, who's also taken a powder. As a eresult, the business is going to pot as well, and just to add to the fun a couple of legbreakers are on his case. no wonder his drinking's getting out of hand.

Or at least that's what he keeps telling himself -- that it's the booze getting to him. How else to explain that's he's suddenly found himself in a bizarro parallel universe Manhattan populated by demons, rogue elephants, dragons, kinky catwomen, vampires, and horny leprachauns. Or the fact a small green elf has apparently hired him to recover a missing unicorn.

Stalking the Unicorn was always something of a cult fave, and twenty years later, sci-fi author decided to bring Mallory back in a couple of sequels, Stalking the Vampire (2008) and Stalking the Dragon (2009).

Mike Resnick is the author of over sixty novels, more than two hundred fifty stories, and two screenplays, and he has edited forty anthologies. He's won five Hugo Awards and scored a record-breaking thirty-six nominations (so far) and won the Nebula Award. But he's also dabbled in the P.I. world. besides the trio of hybrid fantasy novels featuring Mallory, he's also given us (relatively straight) Cincinatti shamus Eli Paxton. Resnick lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.


  • "Mallory remains a great character, the classic world-weary knight in trenchcoat armor, with a strong supporting cast...It's clear Resnick is having fun with the characters, setting, and mystery itself. Readers who enjoy a lighthearted caper through familiar-but-not territory will find this a pleasant read. Recommended."
    Gumshoe, August 2008



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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