Matt Jacob

Created by Zachary Klein

Another Boston P.I., but you won't find this one huffing and puffing along with the rest of the jog-along-the-St. Charles herd.

MATTHEW JACOB definitely has an unhealthy relationship with certain illegal or harmful substances, including but not limited to codeine, Valium, grass, beer, television and detective novels. Once an idealistic social worker, he now manages (barely) an apartment building belonging to his former father-in-Iaw, Lou. His duties rarely require him to do much more than some janitorial work, but that's okay. Matt says "cleaning makes (him) feel productive." He occasionally rouses himself out of his self-imposed lethargy to visit his shrink, Dr. James, or sometimes his dealer, who conveniently lives in an upstairs apartment.

On even more rare occasions, he reluctantly does a little private detective work, although he only got his license to do "occasional research for a friend.

A self-proclaimed "drugged-out Rockford" whose one passion seemed to be collecting old radios, Matt isn't isn't likely to be a spokesman for the Spenser generation any time in the near future. But he was definitely a true gumshoe for his time -- the slacker eye!

After three well-received books, all published in the early nineties, Matt quietly slipped into his cave.

And then, to the surprise of almost everyone, he reappeared twenty years later, in Ties That Bind (2015).


  • "Matt Jacob comes across as a heartfelt creation... A refreshing character in a genre rife with male posturing and two dimensional psychology."

-- The New York Times


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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