Hannibal Jones
Created by Austin S. Camacho

""I'm not really a detective, although I do have a private investigator's license. And I'm not a bodyguard, although I have been known to protect people from danger. And I'm not a strong-arm man, but I do sometimes have to fight on the job. I'm a troubleshooter. I help people out of tight spots."

HANNIBAL JONES is a sort of freelance trouble-shooter, a former government agent stomping around the mean streets of Washington, D.C., talking the talk and walking the walk. In his first appearance, 1999's Blood and Bone, he's hired to track down a missing man whose son desperately needs a bone-marrow transplant. Only problem is, the guy took off before the kid was even born!

The book's been praised (at least in some circles) for it's fast-pace and generous doses of action, and Hannibal, who's a "honey-coloured" black, has been favourably compared more than a few times to Shaft. I guess that's because

How else to explain the fact that this army brat who grew up in Germany, occasionally lapses into cringe-inducing "street talk" that makes it sound like he grew up watching Different Strokes and never got past a Grade Two vocabulary?

His "Branding Manager" (AKA Mrs. Camacho) informs me that Camacho has since followed up with three other novels featuring Jones, Collateral Damage (2002), the particularly hokey The Troubleshooter (2004) and Damaged Goods (2006).

Author Austin S. Camacho grew up in Saratoga Springs, New York, and, according to his bio, "is a lifelong fan of adventure and mystery. He's known as Deuce to many Undernet denizens. Deuce is a reaver and a rake, a cloaked and hooded warrior from the hills."

Sheesh! He's a middle-aged desk jockey working in public affairs. 



Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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