Barney Hamet
Created by Edward D. Hoch

It was so quiet you could hear a name drop...

The Shattered Raven by Edward D. Hoch is a 1969 PBO about a murder at the Mystery Writers of America Edgar Awards Banquet in New York City.

It's all a bit of an in-joke, what with many actual mystery writers mentioned and plenty of Mystery Writers of America trivia. The main character is BARNEY HAMET, the MWA vice-president , a former private eye turned writer. a PI after writing a couple of novels. Not exactly hard-boiled, but a fun read. Even the name-dropping is enjoyable, albeit a little dated now.

The scarily-prolific Hoch has written over 700 short stories and he's still rolling along. He's the only writer in the mystery genre since the death of the pulps that I know of who's been able to support himself as a full-time freelance writer of mystery short stories. Wanna catch the latest story by Hoch? Just pick up this month's Alfred Hitchcock or Ellery Queen. Among his many creations are upper New York State cop Captain Leopold, master thief Nick Velvet, crime-solving gypsy Michael Vlado and 2000-year old Simon Ark. He's also written a series of P.I. stories, featuring gumshoe Al Darlan. In 2000, Hoch received The Eye, the Private Eye Writers of America's award for lifetime achievement.


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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